About Natural Life

Natural Life has a unique approach to osteopathy in the Niagara Region. Laura Richardson received her osteopathic training in Melbourne, Australia and now operates an Osteopathy clinic in St. Catharines Ontario. The Australian training of osteopathic manual practitioners (osteopathy) differs from the training received in Canada, giving Laura a different base platform. Since graduating, Laura has worked alongside osteopaths trained in Australia, England, France and Canada providing unique exposure and experience of multiple training and treatment styles. The knowledge Laura has gained from these working environments has enabled her to expand and strengthen her approach, treatment and technique selection. Importance is placed on continuing to grow her current knowledge base through continued education and interaction with other professionals, both within and outside the osteopathic profession.

Having grown up in Tasmania, Laura Richardson received her osteopathic training at Victoria University in Melbourne, Australia. Completing a three year Bachelor and two year Masters degree in Osteopathy in 2006, Richardson worked for four years in her home town establishing a strong patient base and solidifying her training in the Australian approach to osteopathy.

In March 2011, Laura Richardson decided to further her exposure and knowledge of different osteopathic styles and moved to Canada. Over the past two and a half years Laura has developed close working relationships with osteopaths from Canada, France and England where knowledge sharing was an integral part of the working environments.

Since September 2011 Laura Richardson has been working as osteopathic manual practitioner in the Niagara region, serving clients from St. Catharines, Niagara Falls, Beamsville, Vineland, Niagara Falls and the greater Niagara area, thereby building a steady patient base while practising at Niagara Osteopathic and Rehabilitation Center.

During this time, Laura Richardson participated in an osteopathic volunteer program with eight other osteopaths from Australia, New Zealand and England. The group of nine worked with villages and childrens homes in Cambodia and Thailand providing valuable assessment and relief to people living in poverty. The training and experience acquired from each of the osteopaths involved was a valuable learning experience and the exposure to long term mechanical and medical issues was something rarely seen in the western world.

This led Laura Richardson down a path that resulted in her selection for participation in a Rotary Group Study Exchange (GSE) to New York and Bermuda in April/May 2010. Through this program, Laura was fortunate to get rare exposure to the US system of Osteopathy where she was able to shadow Osteopathic Physicians in private practice and within the hospital system in NYC.