Reflexology activates the body’s natural healing response by stimulating reflex areas on the feet that correspond through the entire body. It is a non-invasive treatment, that relaxes the body for optimal healing.

Benefits of Reflexology include, but are not limited to; relaxation and stress management, pain management and relief, improved blood and lymph circulation, relief from fibromyalgia symptoms and other chronic conditions.

Reflexology activates all systems of the body. For example, digestive system and endocrine system, it is beneficial for individuals with digestion issues (constipation, IBS) or people going through puberty and menopause.

Reflexology is a great treatment for anyone, including the very young to the elderly, and most everyone will benefit from a treatment- even if it’s just an hour to relax!

Below is a series of charts that illustrate the reflex areas on the hands and feet. Click on the images below to enlarge.













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