Office Workers

Osteopathy and Office Workers

Osteopathy is a gentle, manual approach to help people manage the physical stress office environments place on the body. Prolonged postures, including sitting, leads to strain of joints and muscles, muscular imbalances and overall tension. For people spending long hours at a computer or desk, these strains can lead to considerable pain and discomfort.

Long hours spent sitting at a desk leaves office workers at high risk for a myriad of painful conditions including:

• Back pain
• Neck Pain
• Shoulder pain
• Wrist Pain
• Headaches
• Carpal tunnel syndrome

Some commonly identified factors that contribute to pain, or irritate painful conditions include sitting for long periods, uncomfortable seating, looking at a computer screen for long periods of time without a break, using a computer mouse. Although its often unintentional, slouching is another contributor as people tend to slouch in chairs or hang over desks. This worsens the longer a person has been sitting without a break.

Osteopathy is able to assist by:

• Improving joint mobility and decreasing ligamentous strain
• Decreasing muscular tension
• Improving circulation
• Providing advice on breaks, activity, stretches and muscle strengthening