Osteopathy and Seniors

As the body ages it loses elasticity and becomes more prone to injuries of the soft tissues and bony structure. Age related pain and stiffness is a common complaint, felt by many to be unavoidable and inevitable, however it can often be managed effectively with osteopathy.

Some common age-related complaints that may be supported by osteopathic treatment include:

• Back and neck pain
• Pain and stiffness in the arms or legs
• Generalized stiffness and lack of mobility
• Arthritis and joint swelling
• Balance problems
• High blood pressure
• Pre and post-surgery

Osteopathic manual practitioners aim to optimize the body’s ability to heal itself, helping to maintain health, mobility and vitality. The natural aging process sees changes in all areas of the body, with one of the most noticeable being the musculoskeletal system.

The safe and gentle techniques of osteopathy can be helpful in keeping the body healthy and prolonging independence by:

• Improving mobility
• Decreasing stiffness
• Optimizing circulation
• Increasing balance
• Preventing further joint wear and tear
• Providing advice on activity, stretches and diet