Sports Injuries

Osteopathy and Athletes

Anyone participating in a regular training schedule requires their body to be working at capacity, regardless of whether the training is for pleasure or high competition.

Osteopathy can identify and help correct biomechanical strains allowing for effective training and decreasing the likelihood of injury/re-injury.

Biomechanical discrepancies become more pronounced the harder the body is required to work and the more demand that is placed on it. Restrictions in joint motion and muscular flexibility will affect performance levels and may lead to injury or recurring injury.

Athletes of all levels can benefit from osteopathic treatment which can offer management and advice in three different areas: Chronic injuries, acute injury recovery and performance enhancement.

Did you know?

• osteitis pubis is related to pelvic and lower limb strains
• hamstring and groin injuries invariably involve low back or pelvic restriction and imbalances
• knee pain is related to poor foot and ankle mechanics, thigh muscle tension and hip dysfunction
• shoulder injuries can be caused by tension in the ribs, neck, shoulder blade and upper back
• shin splints involve poor mechanics of both leg bones
• joint injections and pain killers may only mask the problem. Unless you deal directly with the cause of your problem, further injury and joint degeneration will result.

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